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Who We Are

Merri Sheh

Merri Sheh

Merri's Vision for Douglas County:
- Those that have time, energy and means- give.
- Those in need –receive help and opportunity.
- Community awareness-action and support 

- Building brand
- Networking with a purpose
- Profitable business growth

Merri brings 30 years of experience in corporate marketing, sales, and team leadership to the DCCF board.  Plus experience as the founder and owner of a successful community-based business : En Masse Coworking

Giving Back Local
Merri and her family have a long history of adopting and support at a local community level
- Supporting special needs
- The Seeing Eye – Guide dogs 100% funded by donation with no government funding
- American Red Cross, Children’s Network, United Way
- Partners with local universities on job internships

Passion & Values
Merri takes an action first approach to life.  She brings high energy and organizational skills to her passion improving lives in our local community.  Change what we can touch!
- An expert at creating events that connect people with experiential memories
- An innovator who thinks beyond now to shape the future
- Family first – a daughter, sister, wife and mother