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Corporate Social Responsability
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Corporate Advised Fund

Establishing a Corporate Advised Fund for your business with the Douglas County Community Foundation poises you to match your philanthropic goals with a growth and giving plan tailored to your needs and culture. Corporate Advised Funds provide a cost-effective, convenient and flexible way for your business to give back to the community and build awareness about needs. Regardless of your starting point, DCCF simplifies the process and enables your fund to begin making impact. 

  • Your company makes a gift to the Douglas County Community Foundation and receives a tax deduction in the same year the gift is made. 
  • DCCF can accept a wide variety of assets, including but not limited to: cash, restricted and appreciated stock and real estate. 
  • You select the type of fund; permanent, quasi-permanent, and temporary (upon special request/circumstance).
  • Earnings are deposited back into your fund.
  • You can access your fund account statements at any time through our online fund portal at
  • Working with our expert staff, your grantmaking committee members will be given support and guidance to meet specific philanthropic goals

Social responsibility isn’t a catch phrase

  • Your company’s fund advisors can make grant recommendations to support causes that reflect your values
  • Once your grant recommendations from your Corporate Advised Fund are submitted and approved, the Douglas County Community Foundation handles all the administrative details and issues grants to nonprofits in the name of your fund. 
  • Gifts can be accompanied by a personalized letter, highlighting your company, including logo or made anonymously through the Foundation.
  • Douglas County Community Foundation are able to train your giving team members on grantmaking best practices. Our staff have extensive knowledge on community nonprofits and their programs and services, as well as best practices country-wide. 

Benefits to working with DCCF

  • Your company’s initial gift - and all future earnings - is a permanent source of community capital, helping to do good work around key issues. 
  • Your Social Responsibility program is immediately associated with DCCF, a leader in the Colorado philanthropic sector. 
  • DCCF offers all our company partners increased visibility in the community and specifically through our Corporate Partners web page and all other forms of marketing to the Douglas County community and beyond. 
  • Non-co-located and co-located team members can build a better state of culture through shared philanthropic goals* 

*for more examples on how philanthropy goals strengthen a business culture, we suggest reading “Delivering Happiness” by Tony Hsieh as well as, “It’s How We Play The Game,” by Ed Stack

Our promise to our partners

We are committed to ensuring that a partnership with Douglas County Community Foundation is of the highest value to your bottom line and community standing. We offer two levels of service.

Social Responsibility and Corporate Philanthropy Services Basic Premium
Management of your fund's investment pool, including quarterly fund statements and review X X
Link to your community relations website page from DCCF website X X
Invitation to DCCF annual Focus Forward Breakfast, investment briefings, Community Council networking and convening events X X
24/7 access to your online fund statements X X
Due diligence grant review and grant payment of an unlimited number of U.S. 501(c)(3) registered charities X X
Annual consultation with DCCF staff on social impact goals and grantmaking committee member structure and unlimited committee member updates as needed X X
Ad hoc research and recommendations on subjects of interest X X or potential nonprofit partners X X
Facilitation of annual grantmaking program, including compilation, review and analysis of up to 50 nonprofits per year X
Facilitation of annual grantmaking program, including compilation, review and analysis of up to 150 nonprofits per year
Due diligence grant review and grant payment of up to 50 international organizations (NGO’s)
Portal from DCCF website for nonprofits to apply for gifts from your fund, managed by DCCF staff and presented quarterly to your committee
Acceptance of gifts of complex assets such as real estate and stock
Consultations with potential and current grantees about corporate giving program
Facilitation of up to five site visits in the Douglas County area
Collection and dissemination of grantee final reports to company contacts
Custom award letter templates, including company guidelines/logo and language


The Douglas County Community Foundation assesses support fees* to cover the cost of administration and to continue our important work in our community. Fees provide the resources for DCCF to operate efficiently and effectively, ensuring due diligence and best practices in our grantmaking. Annual fees are assessed monthly based on average fund balance. 

DCCF fees for Corporate Advised Funds fall into two categories, Basic and Premium. Fees may be reviewed and, if necessary, adjusted annually to ensure the best service match. 

All accounts are subject to a one-time set-up fee of $175. 

 *Receive fee-free services and possible tax benefits by becoming an annual general fund donor. Please ask for details.


Business Support Fees Basic Premium
$20K-$1 million 1.5%-min. $750 2.0%-min. $1,500
$1-5 million 1.0% 1.25%
$5-10 million .50% .75%
Over $10 million .25% .50%