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Frequently Asked Questions

Who We Are

  1. Q. What is a community foundation?

    A. A community foundation is a tax-exempt, independent, publicly supported philanthropic organization. Through a collection of endowments, donor-advised funds, field-of-interest funds and designated project funds, the foundation supports a broad range of charitable activities in a specific community.

    The Douglas County Community Foundation (DCCF) receives contributions from a wide range of donors and then assists those donors in fulfilling their philanthropic goals.

    Donations allow the DCCF to build a flexible, permanent endowment to creatively address emerging and changing needs in Douglas County. Our funding supports initiatives in fields such as education, arts, culture, health, social services, community development, environment and historic preservation.

    The DCCF also serves as a facilitator, advisor and mediator for area nonprofits as they work together to find solutions to community issues. Community comes first. Our independent governing body works to promote a better life for every Douglas County resident.

  2. Q. How does a community foundation serve its community?

    A. Community foundations are designed to support as many people and purposes in their area as they can. This wide-reaching mission is reflected in DCCF’s ability to offer grants in any field of charitable interest that will benefit Douglas County.

    This flexibility allows us to work with an array of donors and provide funds to a wide group of nonprofit organizations—our partners in improving our community.
    Area nonprofits benefit from community foundations because they help money stay in a community. Community foundations can also help nonprofits manage their endowments and make the most of their funding.

    As DCCF grows, we can offer more grants and assistance to nonprofits and forge the connections between those who want to give and those who need support.

  3. Q. How does a community foundation get funding?

    A. Most of our funding comes from contributions of cash, securities and real property from local individuals, families, businesses and foundations. Donors also give through qualified charitable distributions from an IRA, gifts, wills and forms of planned giving like charitable remainder trusts.

  4. Q. What does the DCCF do for Douglas County?

    A. The DCCF facilitates giving in Douglas County and keeps charitable dollars close to home. It is our goal to create a long-term source of charitable capital to support positive initiatives in our communities.

    Additionally, the DCCF ensures charitable endowment gifts stay effective in Douglas County over long periods of time. Even as local needs and giving opportunities change, DCCF can adapt charitable funds to solve relevant issues.

  5. Q. Why should I donate to the DCCF?

    A. DCCF is a community foundation that gathers resources to address needs, provide training and benefit the community. We encourage you to keep supporting the Douglas County nonprofits you care about and consider offering additional support to DCCF. Our community foundation helps your favorite nonprofits manage and invest funds so your donations have the maximum impact.

    By giving through the DCCF, your donations make significant impact. We can also accept complex gifts with the professional expertise to manage and invest your gift. We work to ensure all of Douglas County—and the nonprofits within it—are stronger and more effective.