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Individuals & Families


If it is more appropriate for you to give of your time, there are many ways you can help in our community.  Most of our nonprofits have a need for volunteers throughout the year. We can help connect you with nonprofit organizations in your community who match your desired area of service.

Douglas County Community Foundation also utilizes volunteers through board service and acting as trusted and skilled resources on various committees such as community impact (grant making), finance, development, and communications.

Douglas County Community Foundation is currently seeking committee members in the following committees:

  • COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE:  As a Communications Committee member, you will assist with the branding, marketing, public relations, and promotion of Douglas County Community Foundation.  This committee meets virtually once a month.
  • COMMUNITY IMPACT COMMITTEE:  As a Community Impact Committee member, you will assist in our grant making process.  Duties includes reviewing grant applications, scoring grants, vetting nonprofits, and establishing granting criteria.  This committee meets virtually once a month.
DCCF Committee Member Application
Which Committee Are You Interested In
Tell us about yourself and why you would make a great addition to DCCF.