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Open a Giving Account

Individuals & Families

Open a Giving Account

Benefits of giving and planning through DCCF

  • Opportunity to create a smart and cost-efficient alternative to a private/family foundation. No startup costs, no excise tax, no distribution requirements, no tax return, no complicated IRS reports or regulations, and best of all, the maximum charitable tax deduction​
  • Provides a powerful and flexible way to achieve your philanthropy goals
  • Receive maximum tax advantages and charitable deductibility, especially for gifts of appreciated securities, real property, or planned gifts.
  • DCCF is an important resource for information and knowledge about charitable giving and community needs, with access to critical and timely information about the organizations that you wish to support.
  • Establish a permanent expression of your charitable values and goals and benefit the causes you care about far into the future
  • Create an awareness about philanthropy and the importance of giving that can involve family, children, or grandchildren by involving them in the decisions made with a fund


  1. Think about how you want your gift to make a difference;
  2. Think about what type of gift you want to make (cash, stock, property, life insurance, etc.); and
  3. Contact the Community Foundation to discuss your gift idea. You can start your own fund or give to an existing community or nonprofit fund. We will work out the details together, and include your professional advisor, if you choose.

Types of Funds

Allows you to contribute assets to your fund at any time and then recommend grants to support charitable groups of your choice. They are a flexible, personalized way to support nonprofit groups. 

Provides support to nonprofit organizations that work on issues you specify. Once you determine the issues you want to support, DCCF will identify suitable grant recipients for your approval. You can either choose an issue of importance to you, or you may recommend grants to specific groups working on the issue(s) you have chosen. 

Ideal for donors who want to support one or more specific non-profit organizations. Nonprofit groups can also establish this kind of fund as part of their organization’s own fundraising strategy.

Douglas County Community Foundation can help donors begin or transfer their private or family foundation to the Community Foundation. This eliminates the administrative burdens, while maximizing tax advantages. DCCF has a wealth of knowledge about current needs in Douglas County and how to maximize charitable giving through the Foundation. We can provide a simple way to fulfill multiple charitable interests without forming a family foundation.

Members of a giving circle donate to a pooled fund, deciding as a collective where to distribute gifts. Many giving circles donate their time as well as their money to support local nonprofits. Donations for a giving circle may range from a few dollars to thousands of dollars each year. If you and your friends, neighbors or family members desire to be actively engaged in philanthropy and would like to pool your resources to create a fund and tackle an issue you care about, perhaps a giving circle is right for you.

Nonprofit organizations can operate under DCCF’s charitable umbrella. These organizations may have their own board (on which donors may choose to serve) and determine their own investment and grant priorities. These funds may not be controlled by the donor or the donor’s family. 

Help establish a way to honor or remember significant people in our lives.