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Philanthropic Tools


Fee Schedules

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Tools for Advisors

  • Help your client establish a fund at the Community Foundation

    Developing a charitable plan that takes into account your client’s financial and charitable needs is no small task. As a professional advisor, the opportunity to help your clients achieve their philanthropic goals is both a privilege and a challenge. The Community Foundation wants to be a resource for you, as well as a philanthropic partner for your clients. A full understanding of charitable giving options, which can offer specific tax benefits, can help your clients achieve their financial, personal or business goals. The Community Foundation has an outstanding reputation for integrity and service to donors and has developed unique resources for you to use in helping donors craft their charitable giving plans.

  • It's easy to establish a fund

    Your clients can simply decide which type of fund best meets their interests and needs, determine their charitable priorities, select a name for the fund, and make an establishing gift.

  • Depending on the type of fund there are minimum deposits, as well as administrative and management fees, please see the Fee Schedule

  • Types of assets

    Funds may be established by your client with many different types of gifts— cash, securities traded on major exchanges, real estate, and more.

  • Quick and easy setup

    Charitable giving should warm a donor’s heart, not being burdened with tax complications and ongoing administrative details. Once your client decides on the type of fund they would like to establish the process can be completed very quickly.

  • Naming the fund

    Your clients may use their own names, the names of individuals to be honored or memorialized, or the name of a business for their fund. Some donors select a more general name to retain anonymity.